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Please note caravan data preceding 2004 is limited and may be unavailable


A caravan VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), also referred to as; CRiS Registration Number, serial number or chassis number is a 17 digit code that has been given to each and every caravan made in the UK (and some of Europe) since 1992.

The VIN number is unique to each caravan and is used by NCC CRiS to keep a track of who owns what caravan.

The tenth character of the VIN number denotes the model year.

SGDTT6ESEB0335379 – in this case the Model Year is 2011.

To ensure you select the correct Model Year, please check your caravan VIN number.

N = 1992
P = 1993
R = 1994
S = 1995
T = 1996
V = 1997
W = 1998
X = 1999
Y = 2000
1 = 2001
2 = 2002
3 = 2003
4 = 2004
5 = 2005
6 = 2006
7 = 2007
8 = 2008
9 = 2009
A = 2010
B = 2011
C = 2012
D = 2013
E = 2014

For those drivers with extensive towing experience or those drivers willing to reduce your caravan payload please consult your dealer for details regarding towing a caravan with a caravan weight to kerb car ratio of over 85%

Warning – If your combination exceeds 100% the outfit is unstable and therefore considered un-roadworthy by police and insurance companies

Please contact the car manufacturer for further information as they have not published towing data for this vehicle.

Please contact the car manufacturer for further information as it appears the car you have entered is not suitable for towing.

The MTPLM of the selected caravan exceeds the Towing Capacity of your vehicle.