The NCC is the official UK caravan trade body providing safe towing advice and matching for over 25 years

About NCC TowCheck

The NCC TowCheck caravan matching tool is the official industry matching tool and will help you do this easily and simply, with the most up to date car and caravan data available, so you can be confident that you have a safe and legal match.

TowCheck is provided by the caravan industry trade body, The NCC, who have been providing safe towing advice for over 25 years, backed by all the leading caravan brands.


Why you need it?

Before buying and towing a new or used caravan it is important to ensure that the fundamentals of towing are considered, for example knowing if your chosen car and caravan combination is safe and legal.

If you are considering buying a caravan, new or used, or changing your car if you have a caravan already, it is extremely important to make sure that the combination is suitably matched in relation to the relevant weights.

The rules on what you can tow depend on certain weights, such as the cars towing limit. The caravan’s maximum technical permissible laden mass (MTPLM) must not exceed the cars towing limit.

As the industry car and caravan matching tool, and with over 16000 unique caravan model specifications, NCC TowCheck is the authoritative source to ensure that your chosen combination is safe and legal, giving you and your family peace of mind before making an investment.

As well as checking a specific combination of car and caravan, you can also get a full list of the caravan models that can be towed by your specific car, or a list of cars that can tow your chosen caravan.

Whichever TowCheck option you choose, you will get a full technical report, supplementary guidance and a clear traffic light result on any car and caravan match.

TowCheck is all you need to help you decide on a car and caravan combination that is both suitable and safe to help you get the best out of you caravan adventures and holidays.